Wednesday, February 17, 2016

How Was It? How Are You?

Hello friends!  ArtShare had a fantastic time at the Open Streets Day on Central Ave NE, seriously...that was great.  We have each been busy pursuing life and lots of creative endeavors in the past few months but wanted to share a few moments and pictures from the Open Streets Storefront  and Workshops we hosted with artists Gudrun Locke and Mark Safford in July 2015. The workshops took place at the ArtSpace Jackson Street Flats community room and garden.  We created prints based on discussions about symbols - personal and cultural that felt significant for each person.  We painted on tin foil, drew symbols and imagery into the paint with QTips and pulled the prints.  There was also an amazing session of mask-making being led by Mark Safford which led, naturally, into stilt-walking lessons!  

Meera and Delilah steppin' it up!
Creating the lions and other masks

The following weekend was Open Streets NE!  We took over the empty storefront space at 2522 Central Ave. NE to transform and enliven it with prints, banners, masks, drumming, and a gathering of friends and community.  

What's next? How Was It?  Wass Up?!  We have really enjoyed being part of the dramatic and positive changes that continue to occur in NE Mpls, up and down Central Ave. and in our lil' corner of the world.  Thanks for all your support and we hope that ArtShare (Jonathan, Jennifer, Sara, and Janet) contributed some positive, creative, and wacky change in your corner too.  

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Fun and Funds at the Storefront Challenge Fundraiser!

Thank you to all who attended the fundraiser, donated items, food, drink, or helped in any way!

It was excellent for us see ArtShare supporters, friends, family, community members, and people of northeast and beyond!  Thank you for your support and interest in our next project - The Storefront Challenge.  We are currently planning the project and excited to share it with you all soon!  Stay tuned here for project updates.

Much fun was had by all while bidding on an impressive selection of donated items during the live auction.  Vintage, practical, art, collectables, and the whimsy and wacky of course, were items to celebrate and take home.  

1977 Hardy Boys Lunch Box
Oo LaLa YaYa Shaun Cassidy and Parker Stevenson!

Delilah takes home the Santa Beard Lollipop

Thank you Holland Neighborhood Improvement Association, Adelheid Koski, Gudrun Lock, Hannah Kramer/auctioneer, Stella Lobberecht/ArtShare volunteer, Blake Hanson/music, The Mill NE, Sen Yai Sen Lek, NE Farmers Market, Eastside Coop, and anyone we may have forgotten to mention at this time.......

Friday, November 21, 2014

Storefront Challenge Fundraiser - Help us enliven Central Ave., Occupy the unoccupied, and have a ton of fun!

We look forward to see you and re-connecting with the NE community at this event. We are looking to build excitement, awareness and help to finance our upcoming Store Front Challenge. This project will pair community members with a local artist to transform an empty storefront along Central Ave. into something new and beautiful/intriguing/beguiling/or...?! for a week. Then a different group of community members working with a different artist are challenged to create a performance in, and in reaction to, the transformed space. Then, of course, the public is invited to experience the space and enjoy the performance. The first Store Front Challenge will be in this space at 2522 Central Ave. in February 2015 with other Challenges to follow in other empty storefronts along Central Avenue.

 We hope you'll join us on Thursday, December 4th to learn more about it and have a ton of fun. Thanks!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Welcome Janet Lobberecht!

It just makes sense....
And here she is with us.

Welcome Janet and thank you for working with us!

Janet Lobberecht is an artist, designer and researcher. Currently, she is concentrating on community design, which has afforded her opportunities to contribute to challenging conversations, especially in the domain of social innovation, where she's focused on helping to develop strategies for social resilience.
Lobberecht holds an MFA from Parsons the New School for Design.  She has been the recipient of a Minnesota Artist Initiative Grant, a McKnight Visual Arts Fellowship, and a Jerome Fellowship for Emerging Artist.  She is currently adjunct faculty at Minneapolis College of Art and Design in Media Arts.  

Friday, October 3, 2014

And Here We Are Again!

Hello friends!

We are back.  We've missed you all.

We are back in action and excited to create building opportunities, experiences that bring us together, positive social change, fun for all, havoc in some places, art everywhere.....with our northeast community.  

After a break of working on our solo projects, we are looking forward to collaborating with you.

Jennifer has been busy and 2013 was a huge year for her as she was a SAGE nominee for “Outstanding Performance, 2013” for her creation and choreography of Canon, a work that explores the physical text of the punk movement in a re-historicized feminist perspective. Jennifer also performed with Hijack (Minneapolis premiere postmodern dance duo) in “Reading, Ready, Radish, Redundant, Red Eye,” at the Walker Art Center in December, 2014. And is currently working on a project choreography a work with her dog Audrey, a American Pitbull Terrier.  

Jonathan is currently building a studio in his garage but has been spending much more time working with other community organizations such as local schools, Park and Rec. programs, the Walker Art Center, and neighborhood associations to bring creative experiences into the lives of any people who are open to such things.  He is now developing his long time vision of enlivening and temporarily occupying storefronts on Central Avenue with the Storefront Challenge Project.

Sara has been traveling into communities and public spaces with her mobile Bio Scenic Travel Machine sculptures.  They have landed here to research life on earth and want you to interact with them.  Sara is currently working on a gallery show for the Phipps in Hudson, WI in February and planning the travels of a Bio Scenic Travel Machine on Central Avenue for the spring.  

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Life Size Book Exhibition at Chow Girls Parlour

Our final exhibition and celebration at Chow Girls Parlour.

We shared the processes that we used to create the book.
Paper making - paper pulp and screens.

Participants shared their personal Life Size Books.

Thank you JoAnne Peters for contributing your many talents, your role as Artist Assistant and bringing in the poster and book sales!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Life Size Book Project Print Making

Laura Brown created screens from the imagery created at the first workshop and takes us through the printmaking process. Participants reveal their imagery and visions for the Northeast Life Size Book as they learn the techniques of printing with screens.

Representative Diane Loeffler prints the first one!

ArtShare artist Sara Hanson and project artist assistant JoAnne Peters work with participants to create their prints for their own Mini Life Size Books.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Life Size Book Project - Creating the Content

Our first workshop! 25 northeast community members arrived to share their visions for a fun-filled brain-storming and sketching session with us and artists Laura Brown and Bridget O'Malley to create the content for the Northeast Life Size Book. 

Kids, youth and adults share their ideas of, experiences in, and what they identify as northeast Minneapolis with papermaker Bridget O'Malley.

Participants share what they have expressed with the group and printmaker
Laura Brown takes the drawings and cut out paper shapes with her to her studio to create the cut out for the printmaking workshop next week. 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Collaborate and Create with Northeast Neighbors!

Northeast Life Size Book Project

Collaborate with Northeast Neighbors to create an art book about Northeast Life that will be permanently housed in the Northeast Library! 

All Are Welcome - 4 Free Workshops

We will explore the steps in the art of collaboration & bookmaking:
  • Idea Sharing & Content
  • Consensus & Papermaking
  • Voice & Printmaking
  • Roles & Bookbinding 

You will leave this workshop with a small book of your own creation, having made considerable contributions to the Northeast Life Size Book, and an understanding of the group art-making experience.  

4 Free Workshops for youth and adults (attendance to all 4 recommended but not mandatory).

Saturdays from 1pm-3pm
January, 26th - Northeast Library
February 2nd - Edison High School
February 9th - Edison High School
February 16th - Northeast Library

This project is funded with money from Minnesota's Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund

For information call ArtShare 612-432-1512
To sign up please contact the NE Library 612-543-6775, 2200 Central Ave. NE, Minneapolis

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Our Third Annual Fundraiser Party

Thanks for checking in with us! ArtShare has been busy building connections within our community for our next projects.   Our Northeast Life Size Book Project, in partnership with the NE Public Library, will be creating a large-format Art Book about life in NE Minneapolis!   (for more details, see last post in the Archives at the right)
Please join the ArtShare group - our friends, collaborators, and you, our community of supporters, for a fundraiser at:
Grumpys NE on Sunday, June 24 from 2 -6:30.  
Live music!  Silent Auction!  The grill will be fired up with Hamburgers and Hot Dogs from 1000 Hills along with vegan Sloppy Joes and specials on beer that all supports ArtShare and our upcoming projects.

Music by: 
Live Mixtape (feat. members of Black Audience)
Ashley Gold &
Luis Ornelas

Join us for our Silent Auction and Prizes from our great supporters: 
Grumpy's (of course)
Surly Beer
Two Betty's
Blue Heron Bodywork
Sen Yai Sen Lek
Brasa Rotisserie
Crafty Planet
Summit Brewery
Airtek Designs
Pizza Luce
Moxie Hair Salon
U of M Press
Pins with Fury
Barsy's Almonds
A Bag Lady
Moe Bodyworks
Bone Adventure
Fried Bologna Vintage
Barber Sharp
Sarah Jane's Bakery
Recovery Bike Shop
Two12 Pottery
Modern Cafe

Hillcrest Development
Anchor Fish and Chips
Matchbox Coffee Shop
Eastside Coop
Ritz Theater

... Stay Tuned for more great contributing businesses!!

Also, Local Art from NE Artists:
Jonathan Hamilton
Sara Hanson
Nicole Pappas Stanoch

and MORE!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Northeast Life Size Book Project

In the Winter of 2013, ArtShare, Northeast’s premier community arts group, is partnering with the Northeast Library to bring you the “Northeast Life Size Book” project. ArtShare and the Northeast Library will host four collaborative workshops with the guidance of award-winning book artisans Laura Brown and Bridget O'Malley to create a twelve page, oversized (17x23 in.) art book about life in Northeast that will be permanently housed in the Northeast Library. These collaborative workshops are free for all neighbors in the Northeast Community.

In the workshops, participants will gain hands-on experience with the book-making process. The first of these workshops is a fun-filled brain-storming and sketching session in which community members will work together with Laura and Bridget to arrive at the content of the “Northeast Life Size Book.” In the following workshops we will experience papermaking, printmaking, and bookbinding while we follow the production of the “Northeast Life Size Book” happening in the studios of Bridget O’Malley and Laura Brown via weekly updates.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A New Year, New Projects!

We're very excited about our upcoming collaborative project! We have partnered with Hennepin County Library's Northeast Library to create the Northeast Life Size Book project. We will be hosting a series of four workshops in September in which a local book/paper artist will facilitate creation of the content and artwork of a large format, handmade book.

As usual, ArtShare will be assuring that the workshops are free, fun, and open for everyone in the NE community. We do incur costs in our work so we will be hosting a Fundraiser on Sunday, June 24th at Grumpy's NE. There will be live music, loads of good food (and beer), and a silent auction with some great, local prizes. We will post a list of the bands and other details in the near future.

On a sadder note, we are joining many others in mourning the recent loss of Tom Taylor - neighborhood activist, NE fixture, cook, mushroom forager, father, long-time supporter of ArtShare, and so very much more. Raise less corn and more hell!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Make-Your-Own -Float for the NE Parade!

Grace Center for Community Life (the old Holland School)
Sat. and Sun. June 12th and 13th
Sat. and Sun. June 18th and 19th
11am - 3pm
The Parade is on Tuesday June 21 at 5pm. It will be a Blast!

Once again, ArtShare will be hosting a series of free and open-to-all workshops where you will be able to create a personal float, mask, or sign to express yourself and wear as part of the 82nd Annual Northeast Parade!

ArtShare provides a space to work on your creation, materials, facilitation, ideas, and helping hands. Several years ago, we decided that there wasn't nearly enough representation in the parade of Northeasters just being themselves - not representing a business, their school, or marching band.

ArtShare will be the community group that pays for the parade entrance fee, secures a good place in the line-up on parade day, and gives you - yes, You - a group of friends, neighbors, and fellow community members to strut your stuff down Central Avenue.

We ask that if your children are interested in being part of the workshops (and Everyone! is welcome), that at least one adult is in attendance for the duration of your family's participation.

**please feel free to contact us with any questions or if you have any additional materials to donate for the workshops. Thanks!
or call Jennifer at (612) 432-1512

Thursday, May 19, 2011


1618-1620 Central Avenue NE
Full Description of Events on Facebook at: Art-A-Whirl 2011 at the Historic Thorp and CBC

FRIDAY, MAY 20 , 2011
SATURDAY, MAY 21, 2011
noon - 8pm
SUNDAY, MAY 22, 2011
noon - 4pm

Celebrate the release of The Noon Whistle
Audio-Guided Walking Tour
more information

  • Visit and chat with us.
  • Sign up for the free and open to all workshops for the NE Parade Project - You too can be in the parade!
  • Record your voice with a comment about community and/or northeast Minneapolis for our GET LOOPED sound project.
  • Take The Noon Whistle audio-guided walking tour! You can download it and take it any time or join others to take the walk. It starts outside of the Thorpe building and is about an hour.

The Noon Whistle Tour follows some of the founding footsteps of Northeast residents. In the past, as today, food is a vital part of Northeasters lives. When the Noon Whistle blew, workers at Aaron Carlson Millworks, General Mills, Crown Ironworks, and many other businesses and industries would wipe their brows and find a corner market or diner to grab some good homemade grub. On this tour you will be led through a neighborhood rich with history from the past and history that we are creating today. Some streets and businesses you'll walk past are familiar, some probably never noticed. You'll be sure to learn a lot of lore and find some more to explore.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Grand Ol' Grumpy's Time!

The amazing support and excitement for ArtShare is appreciated!
Thank you all for joining us and doing some.....


-silent auction bidding

-drinking of Surly Furious - donated keg and served up right by Tony
-eating of the burgers and veggie sloppy joes - prepared and served by Abby Rae
-appreciating of the donated beef and dogs by
Eastside Coop and Thousand Hills Cattle
-custom shirt stenciling by Jonathan
-listening of music

This Fundraiser Was a Blast....
The Cactus Blossoms - Country Folk and Western Swing......They are good stuff!
Jennifer and Tom Taylor....fashioning an ArtShare button rather fetchingly, I must say!

Abby Rae, ArtShare volunteer #1 and Karen Townsend after playing her accordion. The keys, metal reeds, and bellows played by alternately pulling out and pressing together the bellows to force air through the reeds, which are opened by fingering the keys, makes us all happy.

Pat and Patrick doing the good work on the grill......

And Abby Rae serving them up right.

Rick Robots Band sings Sunshine Melodies!

Tom Taylor we love your leeks!

Johnathan's stencil work looks smashing on this t-shirt!

Thanks to Aidrene and Janice we were spraying shades of pink with silver and glitter.

Jonathan at work!

Shelley Jean as lovely as ever....wish you could see her shoes.

And we are ArtShare.

And we are distracted.......