Wednesday, February 17, 2016

How Was It? How Are You?

Hello friends!  ArtShare had a fantastic time at the Open Streets Day on Central Ave NE, seriously...that was great.  We have each been busy pursuing life and lots of creative endeavors in the past few months but wanted to share a few moments and pictures from the Open Streets Storefront  and Workshops we hosted with artists Gudrun Locke and Mark Safford in July 2015. The workshops took place at the ArtSpace Jackson Street Flats community room and garden.  We created prints based on discussions about symbols - personal and cultural that felt significant for each person.  We painted on tin foil, drew symbols and imagery into the paint with QTips and pulled the prints.  There was also an amazing session of mask-making being led by Mark Safford which led, naturally, into stilt-walking lessons!  

Meera and Delilah steppin' it up!
Creating the lions and other masks

The following weekend was Open Streets NE!  We took over the empty storefront space at 2522 Central Ave. NE to transform and enliven it with prints, banners, masks, drumming, and a gathering of friends and community.  

What's next? How Was It?  Wass Up?!  We have really enjoyed being part of the dramatic and positive changes that continue to occur in NE Mpls, up and down Central Ave. and in our lil' corner of the world.  Thanks for all your support and we hope that ArtShare (Jonathan, Jennifer, Sara, and Janet) contributed some positive, creative, and wacky change in your corner too.