Friday, November 21, 2014

Storefront Challenge Fundraiser - Help us enliven Central Ave., Occupy the unoccupied, and have a ton of fun!

We look forward to see you and re-connecting with the NE community at this event. We are looking to build excitement, awareness and help to finance our upcoming Store Front Challenge. This project will pair community members with a local artist to transform an empty storefront along Central Ave. into something new and beautiful/intriguing/beguiling/or...?! for a week. Then a different group of community members working with a different artist are challenged to create a performance in, and in reaction to, the transformed space. Then, of course, the public is invited to experience the space and enjoy the performance. The first Store Front Challenge will be in this space at 2522 Central Ave. in February 2015 with other Challenges to follow in other empty storefronts along Central Avenue.

 We hope you'll join us on Thursday, December 4th to learn more about it and have a ton of fun. Thanks!