Friday, May 13, 2011

Grand Ol' Grumpy's Time!

The amazing support and excitement for ArtShare is appreciated!
Thank you all for joining us and doing some.....


-silent auction bidding

-drinking of Surly Furious - donated keg and served up right by Tony
-eating of the burgers and veggie sloppy joes - prepared and served by Abby Rae
-appreciating of the donated beef and dogs by
Eastside Coop and Thousand Hills Cattle
-custom shirt stenciling by Jonathan
-listening of music

This Fundraiser Was a Blast....
The Cactus Blossoms - Country Folk and Western Swing......They are good stuff!
Jennifer and Tom Taylor....fashioning an ArtShare button rather fetchingly, I must say!

Abby Rae, ArtShare volunteer #1 and Karen Townsend after playing her accordion. The keys, metal reeds, and bellows played by alternately pulling out and pressing together the bellows to force air through the reeds, which are opened by fingering the keys, makes us all happy.

Pat and Patrick doing the good work on the grill......

And Abby Rae serving them up right.

Rick Robots Band sings Sunshine Melodies!

Tom Taylor we love your leeks!

Johnathan's stencil work looks smashing on this t-shirt!

Thanks to Aidrene and Janice we were spraying shades of pink with silver and glitter.

Jonathan at work!

Shelley Jean as lovely as ever....wish you could see her shoes.

And we are ArtShare.

And we are distracted.......