Friday, October 3, 2014

And Here We Are Again!

Hello friends!

We are back.  We've missed you all.

We are back in action and excited to create building opportunities, experiences that bring us together, positive social change, fun for all, havoc in some places, art everywhere.....with our northeast community.  

After a break of working on our solo projects, we are looking forward to collaborating with you.

Jennifer has been busy and 2013 was a huge year for her as she was a SAGE nominee for “Outstanding Performance, 2013” for her creation and choreography of Canon, a work that explores the physical text of the punk movement in a re-historicized feminist perspective. Jennifer also performed with Hijack (Minneapolis premiere postmodern dance duo) in “Reading, Ready, Radish, Redundant, Red Eye,” at the Walker Art Center in December, 2014. And is currently working on a project choreography a work with her dog Audrey, a American Pitbull Terrier.  

Jonathan is currently building a studio in his garage but has been spending much more time working with other community organizations such as local schools, Park and Rec. programs, the Walker Art Center, and neighborhood associations to bring creative experiences into the lives of any people who are open to such things.  He is now developing his long time vision of enlivening and temporarily occupying storefronts on Central Avenue with the Storefront Challenge Project.

Sara has been traveling into communities and public spaces with her mobile Bio Scenic Travel Machine sculptures.  They have landed here to research life on earth and want you to interact with them.  Sara is currently working on a gallery show for the Phipps in Hudson, WI in February and planning the travels of a Bio Scenic Travel Machine on Central Avenue for the spring.