Friday, June 6, 2008

Northeast Audio-Guided Walking Tour

Holland Neighborhood Improvement Association and ArtShare are offering an opportunity to be involved in an important community project. We are looking for 10 Northeast teens and 10 Northeast adults to be part of a 12 session collaboration creating three Audio-Guided Walking Tours of NE neighborhoods.

ArtShare will guide the participants through a process of collaborative story-telling rooted in personal experience in Northeast, Northeast history, and (audio) recordings of Northeast sounds and people. We could choose to create a tour about the history and future of Northeast businesses, churches of Northeast, industry in Northeast, Northeast topography (the way it was and how it is now) or the streets of Northeast. We will start this process with collective and collaborative experiences to spark everyone’s creative energy and go from there.

It is our plan put together tours that show northeast as a collective of many experiences and not a singular voice of the past, present or future. Therefore it is important that we have many people with diverse experiences to participate in the project: Old and new Northeasters, people of different age ranges, people who live here or people who just work here, anyone who contributes to the make up of a neighborhood. You don’t need to be a Minnesotan to be a Northeaster.

This project will result in audio-guided walking tours that can be accessed by downloading podcasts from the HNIA website or by picking up an iPod at various pick-up points (NE businesses and libraries), a website (linked to HNIA website) by which the neighborhood can follow the progress of the audio workshops and a celebratory podcasts release party.

Please contact Jennifer Arave
( and 612-432-1512) for more information and to be put on the email list.

This project is a collaboration of ArtShare, Holland Neighborhood Improvement Association and Emma B. Howell YMCA funded by the Neighborhood Partnership Initiative Grant from the Center for Urban and Regional Affairs (CURA).